"This song explains why I'm leaving home to become a stewardess"

Emotions are weird. I didn't realize it was possible to feel scared, excited, happy, sad, pumped up, and nervous all at the same time. All of those feelings swimming around in one person is confusing. Oh, there's another one: Confusion! And why, may you ask, are all these adjectives backstroking through my insides? Because it's officially official: I'm moving to Seattle, WA! I'm walking off to look for America, just like Simon and Garfunkel. Okay, maybe I'm not taking a Greyhound or having depressing conversations with Kathy while she's sleeping, but I'm doing this people! 

I named him "Bubbles"
The reason I haven't updated Snoop Bloggie-Blog (Yes.) is because I just got back from venturing out to the Pacific Northwest to search for roommates and a place to live. Crazy, I know! And since all of my friends are employed (grown-ups), I had to drive around all alone in my little rental clown car to residences of possible ax murderers that I found on Craigslist (aka sketch.com). Luckily, I guess I have a good eye for legit Craigslist ads, because instead of being forced into the middle position of the human centipede (I call front!), I found two houses that I could actually see myself living in. One house is in-between Green Lake and the U-District, and the other is in Northgate. For you non-Seattleites: Basically, one is somewhat close to downtown, and one isn't. So of course I picked the one closer to downtown! I may end up regretting it as far as traffic goes, but what can I say? I have big plans for Seattle, including volunteering at the EMP museum and helping the local economy by shopping... A LOT! And panhandling, since people wont give me new things without some kind of paper or plastic currency in return. I don't get it, but whatever.

It might come to this
Anyways, my future roommates seem really cool! I'm excited to move in the first week in October and get to know them. My long-time WA friends, on the other hand, have already sparked my addiction to Spire apple cider and provoked my near-future career in karaoke. Spire is unbelievably delicious and only available locally, and me singing karaoke seems to only be encouraged by a very small human population (2 to be exact) who just so happen to live in WA. That being said, it's pretty clear why I'm moving. 

What? It isn't? You're not buying that I'd move across the country for hard apple cider and dive bar karaoke? Fine. But I'll have to save that explanation for part 2. This was supposed to be a short and sweet update post to keep my peeps informed, and instead it became a super long, incoherent ramble. Yes, that's normal coming from me, but really, it's almost 3am (I must be lonely like Rob Thomas) and I'm sitting here eating Lucky Charms and listening to Bikini Kill at an incredibly unhealthy volume. You know you've had your headphones on too long when you realize your temples and ears are actually aching. Ouch! 

I'm living proof that this advertising model works 
So goodnight blogosphere! I hope this makes as much sense in the morning as it does now... Part 2 (easy read edition) will go up tomorrow. I'll shoot for gold with post #3! Break! 

Woolie, OUT!
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  1. Gwyn Says:

    I enjoy your blog :) I'm so proud of you and fully understand all of those emotions...I guess that's part of why I'm here. So go have fun and do something so many others are too scared to do! I'm looking forward to keeping up with the journey here and living vicariously through you...best of luck and lots of love!

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