I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post, but I'm going none-the-less. For seven years now, people have asked me over and over why I like Seattle so much and why I would want to live there. And for seven years, I have B.S'd cliche answers of "it's pretty" or "there's a lot of music". In reality, I can't put my feelings for the Pacific Northwest into words, and I'm not sure that I even understand it. All I know is I went out there for the first time in 2004 and I never looked back!

Picture from the one time I sat in a window seat.
I'm thinking I'll just go over a few reasons why I love Seattle:

  1. There's a real live rock music scene. I'm obsessed to the max with music, and Seattle is swarming with rock bands. And hot rocker boys. (Schwiiing!) There's an actual scene, and they're obsessed with music too. I can go to shows all the time and not be known as the girl who "spends all her money on concerts", because it's normal there! And people will actually know what bands I'm talking about. We can have multi-person conversations about the music that I like, because they like too, and it will be amazing! I can have serious talks about music... Just thinking about it, I feel like I'm skipping through a meadow and twirling in circles with my arms out, just smiling! Plus, Nirvana was from Washington! If you really know me, you know that Nirvana is my golden rock band, and that "obsession" is a very weak term for what they and their music are to me. Between Sub Pop Records, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and many other bands of the 90's and 2000's, there is a rich rock music history in Seattle. That makes me happy! 
  2. People are outside a lot. Seattle is a walking city. Whether they're walking to the grocery store, to one of many coffee shops, or to a park, they're outside a lot. It's one of those places where you're constantly seeing people riding their bikes or paddle boarding on the lake. There's also plenty of hiking, climbing, camping, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and hanging out at the beach. I'm really excited to get more adventurous!
  3. The city is wonderful. I love downtown Seattle! I know it's touristy and trafficy, and maybe I'll hate it after a while, but I highly doubt it. There are parks, markets, beaches, shops, restaurants, museums, venues, malls, piers, hotels, fountains, sculptures, brass pigs, carnival rides, gum walls, ships, and that big Space Needle, among other sites. I'm already planning on getting a membership to the EMP and frequenting the farmers markets all the time. 
  4. Seattle weather. Crazygirlsaywhaaaat?? There's no way she just said "Seattle weather!" Yep. I said it. One time my aunt told me that when moving, you had to think about things that were important to you. She said for her, weather meant a lot, and that was a big reason in why they moved to Florida. When I say I like the weather in a very rainy city, people think I'm nuts. I guess I am, because I love rain! Particularly, I love Seattle rain because it's so light, unlike Virginia downpours. I've always liked rain. I constantly beg people to play in the rain with me, and very few have. Sometimes I will just stand out in the pouring rain, and it's the most amazing feeling to me. I don't like umbrellas, and my hair is curly, so it works out. What can I say? Oh yeah, they have a lot of sunshine too!
  5. My kind of people. I have to first make it very clear that I LOVE my friends and family in Virginia and wouldn't trade them for the world!! That being said, I never feel as comfortable or more like myself than when I am with my Washington state friends. I don't know what it is. Maybe we have more in common and I feel like I can say whatever I'm thinking because they're just as weird as me. And they usually know what I'm talking about, which makes me happy. My humor is often lost in Virginia. Here, I'll talk about a movie or TV show I love, and nobody will know what I'm talking about. The same thing happens with bands or songs I'm into. Or snowboarders and competitions. Then I will talk to my friends in Washington, and they will not only know what I'm talking about, but they love those things too! I'm not that weird there, and I don't get frustrated that nobody gets me out there, because they somehow magically do. Virginia has a huge place in my heart, but it feels like a different universe in Seattle. A universe that I belong in.
A lot of the appeal to me is a mystery. The things I like about Seattle can apply to a lot of other cities, but it's not the same. I don't know why, but I am so happy when I am out there. Everything just feels right, and although I tried to explain it a little, I really can't put it into words. Everything I said is inadequate, but I think I owe it to people to say at least something. It's a feeling. It's a sign. It's just right.

Here are some of my favorite memories from pre-citizen Washington! (And although I love it, notice that there is no rain in these pictures... Gossip!)

First visit to Pike Place Market.
Hiking to "Shipwreck", our secret camping spot.
Ghost hunting.
About to get kicked out of a playground in the middle of the night.
My forever faves.
Disguises in the Pirate Store.
Cigars and sing-alongs with my buds.
Being tourists.
Gosh, I love that view...
The Booster!
Espresso By The Bay coffee shop!
To the left is the first Starbucks EVER.
Pike Place Market!
Late night bonfire.
Inappropriate housesitting.
80 degrees at the bottom of Mt. Rainier, and snow at the top!
Olympia, WA.
On top of the Space Needle.
Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain.
Friends <3
I guess that's all I can say on the subject of moving right now. I'm kind of tired of talking about it, and ready to just do it! Haha :) I leave on October 1st, and will be driving across the country for four days with my dad to my new house. That should be a fun entry. Left coast is the best coast!!

Woolie, OUT!   
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